Bcm63138 modem

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Bcm63138 modem

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Download PDF. Nuri Shakeer International sales.

bcm63138 modem

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Home Help Search Login Register. DGA Firmware 2. Dad-Of-5 Member Posts: Allora, perfetto per praticare il mio italiano! Quote from: vic on September 22,PM. Co-founder of the ELRepo Project. Please consider making a donation to support the running of this site. When it's unlocked, do you get access to the Busybox shell, or is it just the normal Technicolor CLI? From what i read you have root access from SSH, so you have full control.

I oredered one yesterday, i should receive it next week, i will be able to answer to all questions. Simple man question: why no UK version?

Technicolor sell mainly or even exclusively now through ISPs, so their availability in any country depends on the ISPs in that country. Quote from: roseway on September 24,AM. It looks as though Technicolor have put a stop to international sales. It's a shame, because it looks like an interesting product. So keep an eye on it. Thank you. Quote from: shdf on September 24,AM.

SMF 2. Support this site. Rate your ISP.What, exactly, does a router do? And how does it do it? Although the answer to the first question can be relatively simple—a router routes data packets along networks—all of the complexity lies in "how.

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Routers come in many shapes and sizes: a room full of rack-mounted, dedicated systems for enterprise clouds; off-the-shelf commercial boxes from manufacturers like Linksys or D-Link; and DIY solutions the size of a deck of cards, built on hobbyist platforms like Raspberry Pi.

Leaving aside the overall meta architecture of packet exchange, the core hardware of a modern commercial router aimed at the small business and home networking markets distinguishes it from enterprise or application-specific solutions. Specifically, such a router emphasizes convenience. Single devices act as a DSL modem, router, wireless access point, media server and connection to the smart kitchen sink. Also, the processor and connectivity are geared toward a completely different profile high-bandwidth use for gaming and streaming, along with simultaneous connections from multiple devices, including smartphones and fridges than enterprise-oriented platforms.

This article focuses on the hardware that runs modern consumer routers. And in today's routers, SoC system on a chip solutions are universal—all of the hardware we cover comes in the form of integrated SoCs.

These multi-function systems comprise a variety of configurations with different capabilities, making it more difficult to dig into their respective architectures; but they simplify the router design process.

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There are far fewer devices to consider when a single board comes with everything built onto it. That doesn't mean completely integrated systems are the only off-the-shelf setups worth considering, though.

Solutions with discrete RAM or flash memory modules and transceivers with separate radio chips do exist, but they are few and far between. Commercial routers overwhelmingly favor Linux as an operating system, and often employ a customized version. A lightweight Web server is almost always installed as well for user-controlled device configuration. Another OS, VxWorks, is used only in enterprise-class systems, but it merits a mention if only because it is used on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, and I would buy a commercial router running VxWorks regardless of how unwieldy the final system becomes.

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Finally, an open, Linux-based standard, OpenWrt, is being embraced by more OEMs, even though it was previously mostly used by prosumer hobbyists. Current page: Introduction. Introduction What, exactly, does a router do? See all comments Intel do use one of their chips for a similar device.

Nice article, is there any more on how tech works? Like cpu and gpu? Those first pictures are not "schematics". They are CAD renderings of the box and main board at best, but definitely not schematics. Thanks, bwhiten. Updated the caption Nice article! In fact, that was largely the outcome of a previous if not the first wave of VR hype. But, I digress Or, at least as much as anything is, these days. I wonder whether or how long that remained true of their architectures.

Question: I've seen a router with 72 cores would that be made to be a 72 core pic and I could use the cores for multi ore computing?Broadcom's BCM is a high-performance device with G. The BCM integrates a high performance radio transceiver with on-chip RF and IF synthesizers, thus requiring only minimal peripherals to create a full range of microwave RF s. Search Circuit.

Section Supplier Datasheet. Toggle navigation Digchip. With unparalleled integration, the BCM combines the functionality of up to ten off-the-shelf application-specific standard parts ASSPs into one SoC, dramatically lowering power consumption and system costs.

As the number of mobile users, and use of multimedia services such as streaming video continues to rise, mobile operators are investing in next generation mobile backhaul networks that enable mobile operators to meet the performance and service expectations of consumers. Company Broadcom Corporation.

The BCM system-on-a-chip SoCdesigned specifically to address the need for higher bandwidth in mobile backhaul, represents the industry's first solution to deliver Gigabit bandwidth and beyond and is the first SoC to combine a baseband modem and network processor in one chip.

BCM Industry's highest performance secure microcontrollers MCUs extend reach into range of low-power connected devicesNear field communication NFC enables multiple "tap-to" actions for mobile point-of-sale. BCM As server interfaces in the enterprise data center transition from 1 to 10GbE, and virtualization continues to increase link utilization, data center networks are demanding top-of-rack ToR switches with.

It's integrated into a single monolithic CMOS chip and performs all of the physical.Go to Solution.


View solution in original post. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. This thread is now archived and closed to new comments.

Some of the links and information provided in this thread may no longer be available or relevant. If you have a question please post a new topic. GeoX Level 1: Cadet. March Difference between Frontier Gateway and new Smart Modem. Share Facebook Twitter Email Permalink. You must be signed in to add attachments. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Accepted Solutions. In response to GeoX. As far as features go almost identical.

The external antenna is considered connected when the signal strength is above a threshold. Fast g. Reply Loading Was this helpful?

Broadcom BCM63xx

Yes it was, thank you No, I still need help. In response to cf4. Thx cf4. Quick made mistake in previous post. Avoid queuing up and never worry about late fees again. Setup direct debit.Zisa vdsl bcm for Sagemcom. The WIFI interface support ZISA Group success in past dozen of years can be directly linked to the fact that Company operates in a customer centric manner supplying innovative,cost-effective solutions of superior quality with 0 defects in the shortest possible time and professional service to global partners.

ZISA combines expertise with experience to deliver state-of-art products and solutions spanning the wide spectrum of Fiber Copper,wireless Telecommunications and SMB solutions. The Company also enjoys the stature of cooperating with global loyal partners to build Telecommunications ICT brand in countries of world. Good Communication never stop.

Anymore details please click www. View larger image. Zisa vdsl bcm for Sagemcom Hot sale products. Hot sale in. Order Buy Samples. Contact Supplier. Product Details. Company Profile. Quick Details. Online Customization. Zisa vdsl bcm for Sagemcom Product Description. Customer feedback. Company Information. You May Like.

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Not exactly what you want? For product pricing, customization, or other inquiries: Contact Supplier Loading Gold Supplier. On-time delivery rate.It is one of the most successful xDSL platforms due to the simplicity of migrating old platforms e. BCM only uses 1 core. Spite there being SMP code for using two cores in the kernel see smp-bmips.

Hardware random number generator.

bcm63138 modem

GPL supported. BCM63xx SoCs have cryptographic hardware accelerators. The Cipher engine accelerates the IPSec protocol by using dedicated hardware blocks. The driver is available with GPL.

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The SPU drivers has been added since Linux kernel v4. Serial Peripheral Interface. By default only one or two more in newer SoCs Slave Selects are available. When having more than 32 GPIOs they are splitted between 2 gpiochips. The labels in the Linux kernel are:. Snippet kernel code example: a button press triggers an IRQ, printing something on the console. Tested on BCM, Openwrt Most of the others use cfe with a built-in LZMA decompressor. Thomson routers have their own bootloader.

There is released source code for RedBoot Inventel Liveboxand probably can be modified to work with other routers. Also there is some source code for uboot. It is thus paramount to always have at least some products available, that have OEM bootloaders that keep installing free software easy cf.

And it could be interesting to port such bootloaders to devices, which happen to come with a restricted bootloader. Compare the available bootloader out there, their license, available code and feature sets.

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Please also remember that available source code it NOT enough, it has to be under some license, that allow for modification and redistribution. Currently only available for the RAM bootloader version. The CPU clock configuration is strapped from 5 pins on this interface. These 5 pins use pulldown resistors 4. The list of related devices: bcm63xxbcmbcmbcmbcmbcmbcmbcmbcmbcmbcmbcm bcmbcmbcmbcm. User Tools Register Log In.

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bcm63138 modem

Sidebar Welcome to the OpenWrt Project. Supported Devices. Quick start guide. User guide. Developer guide. Submitting patches. Wiki contribution guide. Locating slave selects on the board. Not by some binary nor are there GPL drivers available! NAND flash chips are supported since Linux kernel 4.


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